(Picture: Members of Australian Anti-Bases Campaign protest involvement in overseas wars and unnecessary military spending (27 July 2013))


Comment at 14 October 2014

A World Parliament is the best long-term solution to world peace. (Of course to get there more easily – and after we’ve arrived – we’ll need to employ nonlethal security.) See Chris Hamer’s excellent recent summary of why we need a world parliament – TO END ALL WARS.

Comment at 12 October 2014

Air strikes are continuing in Syria and Iraq. Islamic State (IS) has been slowed down but not halted. There seems to be general agreement that IS can only be ‘defeated’ with more ‘boots-on-the-ground’ troops. We continue to try to resolve out this messy and complex conflict with explosive gases and sharp pieces of metal.

Meanwhile in West Africa Ebola continues to spread. Ironically troops are also being sent in here by western nations to try to save lives – but so far not nearly enough. If Ebola gets out of control, it will be a far greater threat to western nations (let alone to the Middle East) than IS.


Comment at 29 September 2014

As expected the United States and its allies are launching air strikes on Islamic State forces wherever they can find them. IS has apparently already changed its behaviour, reducing or avoiding convoys in open country and moving into cities. The problem is that airstrikes are not very discriminating – they often kill innocent civilians.

More than that, brutal as the jihadis may be, is killing them the best way to ensure a peaceful future? It may only inflame further hatred. A nonlethal approach, if it were possible, would be a better solution all round.

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The overall purpose of the Nonlethal Security for Peace Campaign is to reduce the damage of war, specifically to:

  • Reduce death and injury in warfare by promoting the use of non-damaging technology in conflict resolution
  • Influence peace-keeping agencies (such as the UN) to move progressively from lethal to non-lethal weaponry
  • Subsequently influence defence forces in nations around the world to make the same transformation to non-lethal defence
  • Over the course of time, change world culture from lethal to non-lethal conflict resolution, with the result that the nuclear weapons that threaten our species will finally be eliminated
  • By removing lethality from conflict resolution, help to lower the overall level of violence in society, promoting a more peaceful and just world.

Why do we need to develop Nonlethal Security?



  • One day, except as curios, guns designed for killing people will be illegal

(Sporting guns – for responsible shooters – will be OK)

  • Explosives will only be used in mining, engineering and fireworks.



The 8th European Symposium on Non-Lethal Weapons is scheduled  for  May 18-20 2015 at its usual location in Ettlingen, Germany. The theme for the symposium will be ‘obstacles still faced in fielding non-lethal technologies’. The closing date for abstracts is October 6th 2014. For the conference brochure go to www.non-lethal-weapons.com .

(Details of 7th European Symposium on Non-Lethal Weapons)




To join our mailing list  – or if you have any questions or comments, please contact us at  info@tamingwar.com .  You can phone us (email us for a number) if you want to talk further about the campaign.






































































































































































































































































































































































































































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